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TRINKET the Clown and Gunther---------------- and Blue

(No longer clowning, but still lots of FUN!!!)

Hi! I hope you like clowns, because the Melody's sure do. In fact, these are two of our favorites. "Trinket" and "Blue". They can be seen locally, (that's Crown Point, Indiana) at parades, or visiting patients in hospital, -- or at parties for local organizations. They are members of the "Funny Bone Clown Alley" and "Calumet Clowns" --- Local Clown organizations that delight in entertaining young and old!!!

What do clowns do, you ask??????? Well, some clowns specialize in

  • Masterfully Mystifying Feats of Funniness (magic)
  • Extraordinary Balloonifications (balloon animals)
  • Multiple Manipulation of Many Objects (Juggling)
  • Conveyer of Dummified voices (Ventriloquism)
  • Body Beautification (Face Painting)
  • Fable Foolery (Story Telling)
  • Silly Shows (Skits)
  • AND FUN!!! (That's Fun, Fun and More FUN)

    Yin Yang       So the next time your planning an event, think of CLOWNS to add to your entertainment!!! The more clowns you have, the more fun you'll have! -- And FUN makes the world go round!!!! Contact the Funny Bone Clown Alley for all your organizations clowning needs!!!

    You can check out some of the things that we absolutely LOVE
  • Frogs
  • Cowboys
  • Jewelry
  • FUN !!!!!
  • Jokes
  • Balloons
  • Clowns of America International

    Or, here is a closer look at ******* US*******. .


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    Why did the Turtle cross the road????----------------------------ANSWER

    What is a Mosquito's favorite sport????--------------------------ANSWER

    Where do little bears hide their treasures???---------------------ANSWER

    How do you catch a unique rabbit??? ----------------------------ANSWER

    How do you catch a tame rabbit???--------------------------------ANSWER

    Why do mommy kangaroos hate rainy days??------------------ANSWER  

    What Does Gramma Do when Cody is in Lafayette???-------ANSWER

    What Does Trinket Do when Jessie is at Dad's House??------ANSWER

    What is the BEST Riders In The Sky Show???????------------ANSWER

    HOOSIER FAVORITE COWBOYS?????------------------------ANSWER

    What is our dog Alex's last name???------------------------------ANSWER

    What do we feed at Gramma's Pond???--------------------------ANSWER

    What do frogs use to hold their houses together???-----------ANSWER

    What game do tadpoles want to play when they grow up??--ANSWER        

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    Three Frogs
    These are three of our little friends who live in our back yard. The Leopard Frog (top left) lived in our pond for years. We feed them all summer long!!! They just love worms! Recently, "FROG" has taken on a much deeper meaning for me. Check it out HERE ! ! !
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    Riders  in the Sky

    And these are our favorite Cowboys: "Riders in the Sky". Ranger Doug, the Idol of American Youth; Woody Paul, the King of the Cowboy Fiddlers, Too Slim, the Father of Murphy Brown's Baby, and Joey the Cowpolka King!

    If you REALLY LIKE "RIDERS" and would like to see a lot more pictures, HERE THEY ARE. ! ! ! Just in case you don't know who they are, their website is right here! ridersinthesky.com!

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    a necklace
    Yin Yang        Smiley  Face      Earth       Peace Symbol
    And last but not least, this is some Fantastic Polymer Clay Jewelry made by my favorite artist, James Konicke. If you like FIMO (TM) Jewelry, you'll love the detail in his work! And if you're interested in learning more about this type of clay Look right here ! ! ! Jim show's how he makes them!

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    If you like clowns or frogs or cowboys, let us know!!!!
    email me@bobbiemelody.com
    Last updated: 5/28/01  (retired 03) 

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