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What's Missing From This Picture
 of Woody Paul???

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Another Cool Love of Mine.

  I have discovered that after repeated viewing of SIRDS (MAGIC EYE) and
other 3D pictures, I no longer need to wear my glasses!  And, MAGIC EYE'S
     newest book reinforces the fact that this DOES work!                                   

Magic Eye's "Beyond 3D" discusses  how Magic Eye images may
improve vision, relax the body, and calm the mind. Numerous Magic Eye 3D
Illustrations and exercises are included.  I HIGHLY recommend this book!!!

Now I'm interested in photographing 3D images.  It's a very simple process
requiring only left and right eye versions of the same photo.  Below is a picture
of one of my mom's, Marilyn Hansen, wheel thrown pots. You can veiw a

of it HERE!!!!.



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