Wheel Throwing Miniatures - Part 2

All photos and material 2000 by Roberta Melody
Decorating the Pitcher with Blue Flowers....
...with Yellow Centers
Firing the Greenware Pitcher and Bowl.
Dipping it in Clear Glaze.
And removing it from the glaze.
a kilnful of pieces...after the glaze firing .
Can you spot the pitcher and bowl?
The Four Stages. Greenware, Fired,
Glazed and Refired
The Little Old potter who 'REALLY' made
my pots
Best of Show Ribbons, Lake County, IN, Fair
They were entered in the 'Ceramics' division..
not Miniatures
Al....manning the display at one of our many
Miniature shows

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All photos and material 2000 by Bobbie Melody