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Melody's Miniatures is WAS BACK!!!!!
Currently out of production

Wheel Thrown Miniature Pottery

these pieces were thrown in the early 80's

All of my pieces are made using the same steps that are used in making full sized pottery. Only the scale is different. All item are proportional to full size pieces. The bottoms and sides of the pieces are extremely thin. All of these pictures were taken about 17 years ago towards the end of my years of pottery throwing.

In early 2000 I came across some of my old pieces that had been packed away for years, and decided to see if they would sell on eBay. Well... 'They DID'....and due to their popularity, I have started throwing them again! I am pleasantly surprised to find that it is kind of like riding a bike. It has mostly all come back....and at the same level of quality.

I hope to have the time time throw and fire pieces, and to also have the computer time for putting them on eBay. If it all works out, I just may be back in business! Melody's Miniature is giving it another try!

While some basic shape and color schemes are used, all pieces are one of a kind with their own form and personality.

LOTS of old pieces

Throwing a pot

Glazing and firing

Some of the finer points of my pottery





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