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F.R.O.G. - Fully Rely On God!

by Bobbie Melody

Frogs have been as important to my journey as Cowboys. Some of my best friends are frogs! The one pictured above lived for years in a very small pond I dug for him in our back yard. At the exact time that this picture was taken, my heart was somewhere else! It was in the 1992 RITS Fan Club Luncheon. We had tried to make arrangements to be there, but schedules couldn't be worked out, so instead, I fed my frogs during the time the luncheon was going on. This one...who's name could easily be guessed...took a few worms from my hand, and then just sat for a while, holding my hand. It was the first time I'd ever been consoled by a frog, and it is a moment I will never forget!

All of my frogs are 'wild' frogs. They live in our pond on and off, coming and going as rains allow, but always returning in the spring. They all instinctively know that they are safe with us, and a number of them have learned to croak to get our attention when they are hungry. A few have even learned to come out of the pond and hop over to us when they want food. They have shown more intelligence than I would have ever dreamed possible.

The friendship that I have had with these frogs and others over the years, has been a very deep, and meaningful one, and I feel truly gifted that they allow me into their world. We have had bull frogs, green frogs, leopard frogs, and one ...and only one.. tree frog. I had seen him at the pond a number of times, and one night as I came in from shopping his croaking was unusually loud. I joking spoke out to him, and told him I was sorry, but I didn't have time to visit. I went on into the house, and a little while later I walked into the kitchen, and there he sat, in the middle of the kitchen floor! I didn't have time to go to him, so he came to me!!! It could be argued that it wasn't the same frog, but that doesn't really matter to my mind. The fact is that the one and only time I ever told a frog that I didn't have time to visit with him at our little frog pond, I later found one in my kitchen! A tree the kitchen! 'Toadily' unreal!

With "F.R.O.G." now being used to stand for "Fully Rely On God", my frogs mean more to me than ever! Frogs, as well as Cowboys, have been used in my life in a very wonderful spiritual journey.

FROG!!! It's the only way to go!!!! :^)

This little guy had just learned that he was a 'frog'...not a fish....and had just come out of the water for the first time. He is one of our first babies .... having spent over a year in our pond as a tadpole.

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