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 I am SOOOOOOO obcessed with this so called 'Game'.  ........  My fishies are 'real' ... I just KNOW they are!!!

The Tanks of eggs below were breed to try to set things straight in my own mind... in response to a question  by Intensivewings on the forum about common eggs.  NONE of this helped with the problem, but I find it all very interesting.   The following could SPOIL the game!!! Please do not read it unless you don't mind finding out things from my studies that might be more fun finding out for yourself!

And note that I use no aeration or temperature control in my level one and level two environment tanks.  I never buy those till I game is up and running and I have LOTS of money coming in, and all the breeder fish that I need.  I just get the aerator for the 'bubbles'.  :)

I cross only those with full health.  If health is down slightly I cross it only with an identical fish .. and keep it only till it's health is have way down.  Then I sell it and breed it's off spring if their health is sufficient.

The safest breeding is in not cross breeding alot!  Several Fruitfish and Goldbulbs (Spotanus/Shark Cross) are very good money makers. 

Common Eggs Include these "Perfect Fish"
  • Twinfin Spotanus (Magic Fish)
  • Silky Shark
  • Greenfin Beta
  • Orange Fruitfish
  • Spined Stickfish
  • Pink Fatfish

and fin/body combinations of the above


Unusual Fish Eggs Include these "Perfect Fish"

  • Speckeled Leaffish (Magic Fish)

  • Golden Goldbulbs

  • Wasp Gold Sharks

  • Hornet Arrowfish

  • Flagged Bananafish

And fin/body combinations of the above and some fish and fins from the common eggs

More Unusual Eggs In response to a thread on the forum, I made this tank full of new Unusual Egg fish sick by over feeding them.  It took ALOT of over feeding to get their health down to yellow.  When I quit feeding them they all quickly recovered


I had never bought rare eggs more than a couple times, because I can breed any fish that I need.  Once I saw that there were no 'new' fish in them, I knew I didn't need them.   Doing this tank full, however, I was surprised to see that there were no new fish other than those available in the Common and Unusual eggs... Just more crosses of those.   I will breed more tanks to see if this always holds true.
 More Rare Eggs - four batches
And a third tank of rares - four batches of eggs
Level two eggs in level one tank                                I also put some Unusual eggs in a level one tank .. and they all survived, but with a small degree of low health. They could probably be breed one or two times if you had two of the same type, and then would need to be sold

The one with the hand on it is a Golden Goldbulb which is commonly used for breeding in a new tank.

 Unusual and rare eggs in level one tank
And I was really surprised to see Rare eggs survive in my level one tank.   A batch of Rare is here added to the tank of Unusual fish, above

All my games are thus far run in the easy mode ...

My conclusion so far is that there is no reason to buy any eggs but common ones.  If you only breed your common eggs, you can control what babies you get, and only breed ones that you know will survive.

Only 11 Perfect Fish were found in eggs .. and combinations of those fins and  bodies.  That leaves 10 fish that can only be breed ... OR perhaps found with the Unknown Chemical.    

I've run all these tanks in a couple of hours, and my conclusions are not necessary 'right' or the only ones that can be found.  They are just where I am in the game, with what I have learned so far.

The arrangement of the eggs, however, does make me wonder if there is not perhaps a better method for breeding than the one I am currently using.  One that parallels the egg order. .........   I'll be working to figure that out next!  :)


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