Up Dated 04/12/2010

My Best Suggestion
For Newbies Playing Fish Tycoon

If I have one single bit of information that will help, it might be that the more you play the better you become ... as is true with all games!         But with "Fish Tycoons" MUCH of you success will be determined by the fish you are dealt in the beginning of the game.  Some games are easier to get started than others.

If you are having trouble with the game, I suggest that you sell you fish.  (They go to Very Happy Homes!!!) and then start the game over!  (I can't just 'delete' them.. I like to sell them)

When your first eggs reach adulthood, you can breed any of them with any other fish.  Keep track of what parents produce what babies, and what babies have the highest prices.   All of these babies should live long enough to be bred a few times.  BUT if there are new fin of fish types ONLY cross them with identical fish.    And if you "Double Cross" fish, you are assured of having a breeding pair.   But watch their health.  You may only be able to breed them one or two times before having to sell them.

Believe me,  this isn't a game you will only want to play one time!!!!!!!  It is VERY addictive and enjoyable!  

Please don't look at the rest of this site unless you are looking for information beyond  tips for getting the game started.  Too much information can spoil the game

There is more startup information on THIS page, but perhaps more than you might want to know.  It can be a 'spoiler', too