These are LEFT EYE and RIGHT EYE views of one of my mom's wheel thrown pots.  If you stare right in between the two pots, and allow your eye muscles to relax, a Three Dimensional image will appear in between them as a third view.  (I find that closing my eyes and opening them while looking in between the two helps my eyes to relax.)   Let go of 'focusing' on the pictures. Let your vision blur as if you are looking 'beyond' the screen.  When your eyes relax the picture will widen and the  3D image will appear in the middle.   

It is the same viewing method used to see "MAGIC EYE" pictures.  You can get more info on "MAGIC EYE" pictures and how to view them "HERE".

Once you have found the 3D image, your eyes can not only move right to left around the photo, but also forwards and backwards.  I find that 'circling' around the pot with my eyes if VERY relaxing!

this smaller version may be easier to start with

Hopefully I'll be posting more photos soon, so check back!

And if you like to let me know if you can or cannot find the image, you can contact me at  (This address will change frequently to avoid my getting spammed by those who harvest addresses from webpages)